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Wobble Joints

Wobble Joints - Packs of 10

Wobble Joints - Packs of 10

Ref: Wobble Joints WJ-10

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All joints use two wobble pins connected at the loop.
Joints from 6mm - 10mm utilize 2 Red Fibre Discs and no Steel Washers
12.5mm and 15mm Joints utilise 2 Red Fibre Discs and 4 Steel Washers
18mm - 76mm Joints utilize 2 Hardboard Discs and 4 Steel Washers

On smaller joints you may have to shorten the pins; you can do this with wire cutters or electrical pliers.

One complete wobble joint for that laid-back look. Mainly used as the head joint, but can be used on all five joints for a totally floppy effect.

This is a Great Bear Making Idea: Wobble Joints - Packs of 10