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The Ultimate Stuffer

The Ultimate Stuffer

The Ultimate Stuffer

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If you find that stuffing your bears is both time consuming and labourious, then this is the solution. The Ultimate Stuffer not only changes the process (see below) but customer feedback indicates that it can save up to 50% of the time it takes to stuff your bears.

A patented tool imported from the USA, the Ultimate Stuffer has been designed specifically for bear makers who use polyester filling materials to stuff their bears. It comes in three lengths; MINI is 6.75" long, SHORT is 9" long and LONG is 11.5" long. Made from brass in a wooden handle, this tool has been designed not only to push the stuffing into the cavities but also to screw it in for a quicker firmer result.

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This is a Great Bear Making Idea: The Ultimate Stuffer