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Teddy Bear Patterns

Pattern Pack - Ben - 12.5cm

Pattern Pack - Ben - 12.5cm

Ref: CBP014

Price 6.38
(Including VAT at 20%)

An original design by Christie Bears - 12.5cm

Included in this pack:
5 x 10mm cotter pin joints
1 pair of 5mm black glass eyes

In addition you will also require:
Mohair to your choice (min: 250mm x 200mm)
225mm x 152mm felt or ultrasuede for paw pads
30grams of polyester stuffing
Polyester/cotton sewing thread
Extra strong thread for eyes
Cotton perle for features

You will also need in your tool box:
Template sheet or tracing paper
Soft template pencil
Small sharp scissors
Small Cotter key
5" needle

This is a Great Bear Making Idea: Pattern Pack - Ben - 12.5cm