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Copic Marker Pens

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Copic Marker Pen
Copic Fabric Marker Pens

Copic Fabric Marker Pens

The professional COPIC Marker System, with its wide range of accessories, set high standards right from the beginning. The marker can be used on its own or as part of the airbrushing system:

  • One or more colours can be absorbed with the neutral COPIC Blender.
  • Short or long colour developments can be created in accordance with the absorbed colour quantity. Uncoloured, the blender serves in lightening up darker areas or in the placement of light.
  • The systematic coding with letters and numbers on both sides of the coloured caps simplifies colour identification.
  • The COPIC is equipped with a broad and a fine tip. Seven additional interchangeable tips are available for various uses.
  • By means of special tweezers, the tips can be effortlessly removed from the shaft for purposes of filling the marker, or for exchanging the tip itself.

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