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Teddy Bear Joints

Online Catalogue |  Teddy Bear Joints

All our joint systems incorporate the same range of red fibre, hardboard and duratex discs. The fastenings vary as follows:

Cotter Pin Joints - these are the traditional form of teddy bear joint. Excepting the 4mm - 12mm joints that exclude the washers, each joint consists of two discs, one 'T' headed cotterpin and two metal washers.

Wobble joint are for that laid-back look. Mainly used as the head joint, but can be used on all five joints for a totally floppy effect. Each joint consists of two discs, two cotterpins and four washers.

Nut and Bolt Joints - these are available from 15mm to 88mm and each joint consists of two discs, one nut, one bolt and two steel washers.

Wobble Joints - A recent addition to our range of joints that seems to be gaining popularity. Originally supplied as a head joint it can be used on all limbs as well and Marsha will evidence the 'totally laid-back' look that results. A joint consists of two discs, two wobble pins and 4 steel washers

All these joints are for Adult Collector Bears only and do not meet European child safety regulations.

These Are Some Creative Teddy Bear Joints ideas...