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Welcome to Christie Bears Website, the UK's No 1 Supplier to Makers of Collectable Teddy Bears

We have made our website as simple as possible for you to find exactly what you're looking for and hope that you enjoy the experience.

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Happy Bear Making

Judi and Chris


Don't forget that we still offer a 25% Discount on all orders of Helmbold Fabrics over £200. In addition, there are a few fabric offers in our 'Special Offers' section that can be found either above or at the bottom of our Product Sections index.

High quality Mohair Fabrics
  • Sparse String Pile MohairSparse String Pile Mohair
  • Dense Straight MohairDense Straight Mohair
  • Mohair Suitable for Hand DyeingMohair Suitable for Hand Dyeing
  • Short Pile Mohair - 3mm to 10mmShort Pile Mohair from Helmbold - 3mm to 10mm
  • Alpaca MohairAlpaca Mohair
  • Ratinee Mohair from HelmboldRatinee Mohair from Helmbold
  • Long Pile Mohair - 40mm and 52mmLong Pile Mohair - 40mm and 52mm
  • Distressed MohairDistressed Mohair
  • New Mohair FabricNew Mohair Fabric
  • Medium Pile Mohair - 20mm to 25mmMedium Pile Mohair - 20mm to 25mm
  • Short Vintage MohairShort Vintage Mohair
  • Sparse MohairSparse Mohair
  • Medium Pile Mohair - 12mm to 19mmMedium Pile Mohair - 12mm to 19mm
  • Helmbold Value MohairsHelmbold Value Mohairs
  • Curly MohairCurly Mohair
  • Distressed MohairDistressed Mohair
View all the Mohair Fabrics
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